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Experience effortless, barista-quality pour over brews, using light-indicated stop-and-start coffee scale.

Pourx oura is a smart coffee scale that converts complex coffee brewing processes into easy-to-follow light instructions: green for pour; red for stop, making it easy and fun to brew pour-over coffee. Up to three recipes can be recorded on the device, allowing you to switch between different tastes. 

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Professional Grade Coffee Scale

The measurement accuracy is up to 0.1g, with fast readout time and high accuracy class, allows you to accurately control the ratio of coffee and water.

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Automatically Timer

In POUR OVER mode, oura starts the timing automatically when it detects the flow of water, which brings a smooth daily  brewing experience.

As seen in:

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New Brewing Generation

You can monitor and record the brewing process and turn it into a recipe, which you can then share using the app and a QR code.

Download The Latest Barista’s Recipes

Connect to smart phone via Bluetooth, download the latest parameters from Pourx recipe database on the App.