Repetition of Your Favorite Flavors

Record your coffee brewing process in real time with POURX app, and turn it into a user-friendly light-guided brewing steps.


You can simply follow the light to make coffee with the same flavor!

Light-guiding Mode

Green for pour, red for stop

OURA is the world's first light-guided smart coffee scale. It can sense your pouring speed and the amount of water that’s been poured.

Share & Download

You can easily download recipes from baristas on our app, and share your own recipes via QR code. After you download a recipe you like, you can simply follow the light guide and the audio reminder.

Save Recipes in OURA

Operate without connecting to the app 

OURA allows you to save three recipes in the device itself, in addition to the unlimited number of recipes that can be saved in the POURX app.

Professional Scale

The OURA is also a great option if you prefer brewing coffee in a more traditional way with the auto-start timer and high accuracy.

OURA will be soon on KICKSTARTER !

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